Private Yoga Classes

I offer private yoga classes for those who don't feel comfortable attending a class or who are unable to attend for other personal or health reasons. These classes are designed to suit your personal needs and level of fitness and flexibility or injury. This programme is updated on a weekly basis.

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1 hour private yoga class $55 incl gst


I met Marina Weeden in 2013. I am a 62 year old grandmother who was looking for an ear candling therapist for an ear canal condition. It was during this therapy, and in this amazing warm comfortable, room I discovered Marina was a yoga teacher. I wondered if 1 could do it!

It was amazing to think that this ear condition could lead to a life-changing experience for me. I had an instant connection with Marina, and she encouraged me with yoga, which I now practice every day.

Initially, I was quite restricted in any movement. I walked stiffly, subconsciously holding and protecting my neck, which also reflected in my legs. I started having to put a pillow under my neck for support, if I moved a certain way I would feel nauseated from the pain in my neck when doing floor exercises. I no longer need that and have full neck movement. Each week Marina gradually and patiently developed a plan that went beyond a regular yoga session. Marina has given me back my life. I so look forward to meeting up each week, not only due to the friendship we have developed, as I know she is going to challenge my body, but also as it is done without causing any discomfort. I can do yoga movements I never imagined, but have a long way to go. Marina has enabled me to embrace the arts of Yoga, Meditiation and Chanting, and most of all to laugh and enjoy, and make the most of what we have been given in life.

I can, personally, thoroughly recommend Marina to others with similar problems. Coleen McPhee

Yoga Teacher Training and Mentoring Programme

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