Oncology Yoga

I am working with men and women who are currently undergoing or recently completed Chemotherapy and/ or Radium therapy and can benefit immensely from my gentle yoga designed specifically for the body undergoing these therapies.

My experience with the treatment programmes has given me first hand knowledge and understanding of the pain and debilitation that the treatments may cause during the treatment and healing process.

If you are undergoing these therapies and would like to begin a yoga practice designed for your personal needs in the recovery process, please click on the link below or give me a call.

Oncology classes are held in my studio located in the north of Brisbane, unless a home visit is requested.

Oncology Yoga Mobile App for cancer recovery

We have now released a Mobile App for your Android tablet or phone and the iPad and iPhone to benefit you as you recover from your cancer treatment.

Download the App and install on your mobile device and feel the difference today.

Benefits of practicing yoga during cancer treatment and recovery

  • Yoga in all its forms may assist you in staying calm, positive and connected
  • Bed yoga will allow your body to move gently following a chemotherapy treatment
  • It will assist you in dealing with your day-to-day challenges
  • It may assist you in managing your pain through gentle poses or the breath
  • It will help you to build your confidence as you move through your treatments

For further enquiries please contact Marina by calling 0438 280 250 or mail to Marina.