Courses for Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Masters Certificate, Yoga Workshops, Teacher Training Mentor, Ayurvedic Cooking classes

Corporate Yoga Workshop

5 Minute Yoga at Your Desk Workstation Rejuvenation A one hour on-site workshop where employees will learn a powerful yet quick sequence on how to re-energise in 5 minutes at their desk. All who attend the workshop will receive a set of notes with a full description of the yoga positions taught in the workshop. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you to achieve increase employee productivity through the application of our Yoga programme.

Reiki I Shoden

This is the initiation as a Reiki channel, bringing you in tune with the very essence of your being. In this course you will experience the awakening of the Universal Life Force Energy and clear any obstructions. You will receive four Attunements, the awakening to the Reiki energy. You will learn of the seven chakras and the colour, location and the organs associated with each one of them.

Reiki II Okuden

At this level you will receive two attunements, the initiation into three Reiki symbols used during a Reiki treatment and when and how to use them, and the transmission of Reiki Light energy to a recipient unable to be present. This is the knowledge of distance healing.

Reiki Master/ Teacher

Reiki Master level is Living, BEing and Doing all there is with Reiki in your heart and soul. Learn the Master symbol, which holds allother symbols within it and receive the Master attunement. This level is for the Reiki Practitioners who have a passion and longing to pass on the Reiki tradition of teaching to others. Also included in the weekend, learn the ancient art of Ear Candling and much more.

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