To understand the system of Ayurveda, one must first be aware of its origin. According to Brahma, the Lord of Creation Ayurveda was created in sync with the Universe.

The Sages have over the millennia passed their knowledge on to their own disciples, knowledge of which can found in the Caraka Samhita, an ancient Indian Ayurvedic text on internal medicine written by Caraka. It is believed to be the oldest of three ancient treatises of Ayurveda. One contemporary of the Sages was Dhanwanthari who revealed the art and science of surgery. Dhanwanthari's student Susruta compiled his teachings into a text, which forms the Susruta Samhita the primary Ayurvedic text on the theory and practice of surgery.

A great deal of information has been lost or hidden however the Caraka and Susruta Samhitas are broad enough in scope that they describe almost the entire system of Ayurveda The Sanskrit meaning of Ayurveda is Ayur- meaning life and Veda as knowledge. Caraka expands on this definition telling us that Ayur is "the combination of the body, sense organs, mind and soul". The second part of the word veda can be translated as "knowledge" or "science" but more specifically suggests a profound knowledge that emanates from a divine source, and therefore Ayurveda is known as The Divine Science of Life.

In Ayurveda our bodies are either in a state of Balance or Imbalance.

Ayurveda preserves the health in the healthy and aims to cure the health of the diseased.

The Doshas

Ayurvedic texts have recognised three body types or Doshas as they are known. We are born with our life-long constitution (Prakrti) which in Sanskrit means Nature, Creativity or The first creation.

This basic constitution is fixed throughout our lifetime as is our DNA and our fingerprint. This however will move and change according to our lifestyle and environment. So our current state of health, known as our Vikrti may be in an altered and unbalanced state if we do not live in accordance with and in harmony with our body, mind and our soul. Perfect equilibrium is achieved when our current dosha is in balance with our Prakrti. This is achieved through diet, lifestyle and meditation. The three Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Once the Dosha is identified, balance may be restored in all aspects of your life. Have a yoga programme designed specifically for your dosha to complete the healing programme of Diet and Lifestyle.

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